Gain the courage, clarity, and skills
to do what matters most.

Leaders are the backbone of an organization.

A leaders presence, decisions, and actions-- shapes culture, directs teams, and impacts people. Daily a leader navigates complexity, ambiguity, and their own bias; with consequences in the wake. Most leaders are in over their heads and are longing to lead from their full potential. 

The Challenge.

Only 47% of managers receive training and far fewer learn how to lead, yet a lot is expected of them. Being an effective leader is more than skills, techniques, and tools. It's more than building relationships and getting the right work done at the right time. To overcome the challenges being faced, we need leaders of greater effectiveness and integrity, courageousness and vulnerability, mastery and maturity, competence and curiosity, consciousness and wisdom. We need these leaders now. Will you stand up to lead?

The Invitation.

Who you are is how you lead, and it takes a lot of courage to lead today.  Kim-Elisha's goal is to support leaders and teams to reach their fullest potential; by gaining the courage, clarity, and skills to step up and solve the complex strategic, operational, and cultural challenges they face.


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Leading is stressful and challenging.  As leaders progress in their careers, the problems get more complex. What worked in the past, will not work tomorrow. Executive coaching supports leaders to find the courage, confidence, and ability needed to brave tough conversations, make decisions, and move forward. Learn More >

360 Feedback

360 Feedback

Whether starting a new role or wanting to progress as a leader, feedback is critical. A better understanding of expectations, strengths, and areas of development can help any leader be more effective in their role and be ready to move forward. Learn More >